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Oxford-Lafeyette Sportsplex

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Michael and Kim Perry, the Oxford Lafayette Sportsplex is a 73 acre multisport venue located in Lafayette County, Mississippi. The Sportsplex was developed with 100% private funds, in part to provide an environment for the youth of North Mississippi to receive the best sports specific instruction available for baseball, softball, soccer, and now lacrosse. The Oxford Lafayette Sportsplex provides this instruction regardless of socioeconomic status which is a major deterrent for many of the minority youth in Mississippi and the Southeast. Participants in the Sportsplex programs participate at a minimal cost and have access to training facilities. Access to quality state of the art facilities has been widely shown in the media and scientific literature to being a primary barrier to entry for youth sports participants while leading to a significant decrease in participation rates in competitive sports.

Michael Perry had a passion for the community and specifically the kids in our area. His vision and hard work formed the foundation for the SportsPlex and for opportunity for the athletes of our region to grow both on and off the elds. “My wife and I had some long discussions about this,” Michael said. “I feel like it is a great way to give back to the kids of north Mississippi.” With Oxford already a destination for high-profile cultural, academic and athletic events, Perry saw the potential to add another reason to visit Oxford. “In today’s sports world, there are many kids who want to play at a higher level than recreation sports provide,” Perry said.

College Hill Presbyterian Church (Regents School of Oxford Field)

This field is located behind the church to the left hand side.  Find the gravel road that will lead you directly back to it.



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Oxford Lafayette Sportsplex

878 MS-7 Oxford Mississippi United States 38655

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College Hill Presbyterian Church (Regents School of Oxford Field)

339 CR 102 Oxford Mississippi United States 38655

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