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No' Miss Lacrosse

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is No' Miss Lacrosse?
No' Miss Lacrosse is a lacrosse club designed to grow and develop players in the Northern Mississippi area.   

When is the No' Miss season?

The season will run from the beginning of June until the beginning of July.  Practices will be 2-3 times per week and each team will compete in a regional tournament at the end of June/beginning of July.  Fall practices will be 1 time/week to keep sticks in players hands.

When and where are practices?
Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6:30pm at the Regents School of Oxford Lacrosse Field.  The field is located behind College Hill Presbyterian Church. 

Is No' Miss associated with a school-sponsored program?
No, any player in Northern Mississippi is welcome to join the club.  We accept players from any school in the area.

Who can participate in No' Miss Lacrosse?
Any player who is interested in beginning or continuing to play lacrosse in Northern Mississippi.  No' Miss is available for boys  grades 2-12.

Does No' Miss Lacrosse offer offseason playing opportunities?
Yes, we will have practices during the fall season on Sundays for about 5 weeks
What equipment do I need for lacrosse?
Boys lacrosse stick, lacrosse helmet, mouth guard, arm pads, gloves and shoulder pads. Goaltenders are excluded from wearing shoulder pads but must wear helmet, mouth guard, gloves, chest and throat protection. Protective cups are recommended. 

I am just a beginner and have never played.  Can I still join?
Absolutely.  The club accepts all skill levels and encourages players who have never played before.  The coaches are committed to helping players learn the game from beginning stages.  Come join us!

Are there tryouts for teams?
No, we are open to any player who has an interest in playing or learning the sport.  

Who are the coaches?
No' Miss Lacrosse relies on volunteer coaches who are generally parents of the players.  Each team is overseen by Coach Schroeder who has extensive knowledge of youth and college coaching experience.  Each team will have a designated Head Coach who has primary responsibility for maintaining the team schedule, communicate with families, and manage their team.  Each team will have a varying number of Assistant Coaches – and volunteers are always welcome – who assist with practices and game management.  Please see our "Coaching Opportunities" tab on the website for more information on coaching.

What is the cost to play?
Lacrosse is an expensive sport.  The cost very much depends on the amount of players.  If you are just wanting to practice and learn the game, the cost would be $200.  For those wanting a more competitive environment, we will be attending regional tournaments so cost would increase based on tournament fee (probably $300-400 total). If you need equipment, we have rentals available or available for purchase.  A US Lacrosse membership ($30-35/year) is also required for each player.  This includes $1 million insurance policy as well.  The club also has equipment to rent for $25.  Your dues are good for the summer and fall seasons.

Can I purchase team gear?
Yes, for new players, we recommend buying a beginner packet at either the gold or premium level from Universal Lacrosse

I am interested in playing.  Can I sign up?
Please fill out our interested player form on the website so we have your information.  When important information arises, we will be sure to contact you.